The Basics of Adult Adoption

An adult adoption is the legal process to create a parent – child relationship that you’ve always recognized, but that isn’t a biological relationship. What is the purpose of an adult adoption, since adults don’t need a legal parent? Well, some people want their last name to be the same as a parent figure in their life. Other people want to make sure that a child figure in their life can inherit from them when they are deceased. Have you always recognized your stepparent as your parent, and you want to make it official? No matter the reason you are looking into adult adoptions, engaging a family law attorney can help ensure the process is smooth, and you get the outcome you are looking for.

In Georgia, an adult (any individual over the age of 18) may be adopted by another adult. An important thing to know about adult adoptions is that both adults most consent to the adult adoption. If you would like to surprise someone that you want to adopt you, we can start the process for you, but the adult being adopted will have to know about it and consent to it in order for it to be “official.” The adult adopting the other adult will be the client and the “Plaintiff” in the action; the attorney cannot represent the adult being adopted, and the adult being adopted should seek outside advice from an attorney if unsure about the process.

The family law attorneys at Chandler, Britt & Jay, LLC, can help you and your loved one through the adult adoption process to make sure you reach your desired outcome smoothly and efficiently.