Family Violence

Family Violence

Family violence is abuse that occurs between family members or unmarried partners. One person in the relationship gains power and control over the other by using physical, sexual and/or emotional force. Family violence can occur between husbands and wives, ex-spouses, dating partners, adult children and aging or ailing parents, same-gender couples, parents and children or caregivers and clients. The vast majority of victims are women. ~~ From the Georgia Commission on Family Violence.

From citing the Georgia Commission on Family Violence.

Incidents of Domestic Violence Related Deaths are on the rise in Georgia.  If you feel that you are in danger, please immediately call 911.  After the immediate danger is over, you may want to file a domestic violence temporary protective order aka a Restraining Order.  Dodie Sachs and Danielle Mays are familiar with the process of obtaining a restraining order, and can assist you throughout the process.

You can also seek more information from the Partnership Against Domestic Violence: