Custody & Visitation

Custody and Visitation

In Georgia, neither the Mother nor Legal Father have a right to custody of their child. As long as both parents are fit, the Judge will decide who will have custody of the child based on the child’s “best interest.” The courts look at a variety of factors to determine which parent should be given custody of their child.

If you or the child’s other parent cannot agree on custody, visitation, support, and/or how to parent your child, you should schedule an Initial Consultation with CBJ Family Law Attorney Danielle Mays.

  • Danielle Mays has extensive litigation and courtroom experience, which means she knows how to get the evidence her clients need to prove their case and she knows how to effectively present that evidence in the courtroom when it really matters.
  • Danielle Mays provides client-focused, goal-oriented representation because she knows families are unique and each client needs an individualized case plan that is right for them.
  • Danielle Mays has litigated and won many contempt cases and knows what does NOT work in a Parenting Plan. Danielle Mays understands the need for negotiating and drafting a well-written, detail-oriented Parenting Plan to avoid co-parenting issues down the road.
  • Danielle Mays knows your children are the most important thing to you and knows a custody battle can be emotionally taxing. Danielle Mays believes regular client communication helps relieve some of the anxiety clients feel going through the legal process, so she strives to maintain a 24-hour response period to any client communication received during regular business hours.