Initial Consultation

CBJ Family Law Initial Consultation

Danielle Mays offers a $250 initial consultation for family-related matters. To schedule your consultation, contact Angela Burge at or 770-271-2991 and fill out the Family Law Intake Form below.

Preparing for your Consultation

Family Law Intake Form

Please fill out our Family Law Intake Form prior to your consultation.

To allow us to effectively evaluate your case, bring the following documents to the initial consultation, or follow up with them as soon as possible after the initial consultation.

Initial Consultation Documents

Divorce Cases Only

  • CBJ Family Law Intake Form
  • Taxes (most recent 2 years)
  • Recent statement of all financial accounts
  • Recent Mortgage Statement, Billing Statements, Debt Statements
  • Real Estate Information (Appraisals, Deeds, Closing Documents)
  • Prior Court Orders
  • Evidence (Text Messages, Photos, Social Media, Recordings, Etc.)